How to Write a Case Study for Your Website

Magnifying glass lays next to computer

Writing a case study is a necessity if you want to instantly prove to digital visitors that your company knows what it’s doing!

Case studies prove your product works, your service produces results, and your clients are happy.

So, how do you do that? What are the pieces and parts of a great case study?

Most industries can benefit from showcasing real-life situations in which their products and services performed well. Why? Because word-of-mouth is a powerful thing.

Case studies don’t have to be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Move Digital will walk you through the three main steps.

Learn How to Write a Case Study


Choose the right customer to highlight and pick a single focus for the case study. What challenge was presented by this client?

Remember, no one wants a digital dissertation, so keep the outline brief while still emphasizing the scope of the challenge. Make it clear and concise.


The process section is where you can show off your skills. How did you go about tackling the challenge outlined above?

Use this portion of the case study to get into the details. Site-specific information and tactics used. Make it clear your expertise was valuable in overcoming the challenge.


This is the section to really impress potential clients.

Be honest. You showed your work above, so there is no need to get too technical here. A simple list of the end results will do the job. Don’t hide the pride associated with doing a good job!

Take the three steps above and bookend them with an introductory and closing statement. Pull some great images, links, and screenshots as supporting material for your case study.

Make sure your digital visitors can easily find your case studies by making them easy to see on your website. Also, share them on social and use as much evergreen content as much as you can.