Katelyn Henderson

Katelyn Headshot

Content Marketing Specialist

Katelyn has spent the last 12 years using her graphic design and digital skills in a variety of roles, including communications director for a downtown organization, marketing manager for a local attraction, and now small business owner. She owns We Are Huntsville and loves sharing experiences, events, and hidden gems with the community.

As Content Marketing Specialist at Move Digital Group, she actively uses digital platforms to promote clients’ brands and consistently engage their consumers.

To get a little personal, she is compassionate, resourceful, and a gifted napper. There is almost always a new LEGO set in the house and the camera is the most used app on her phone. Katelyn really enjoys creating elements for the digital space to help people connect in the physical world.

Favorite Superhero:

Ant-Man AKA Paul Rudd

Bucket List Trip:


Favorite Holiday:

Christmas & July 4th

I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.